Tomato Soup

Takeover Tuesdays (and Mondays now also!)

at Tupelo Honey Teas

Every Monday and  Tuesday Pure Grub will "takeover" Tupelo Honey Tea's service window to offer some of our goodness.  To place an order, simply give us a call or stop by the window.


Every Monday & Tuesday 


Menu Offerings

5.10 and 5.11


Mushroom Soup - 7

Wild mushrooms in savory broth

  Spring Salad - 8

Mixed greens, roasted beets, chickpeas and seeds with raspberry vinagarette

  Spicy Japanese Sweet Potatoes - 7

Chili, garlic

Adobo Stir Fry - 8

Mixed veggies simmered in adobo flavors over quinoa and lentils topped with mango jerk sauce

 Chocolate Covered Raisin Parfait - 8

Superfood blend of raisis, coconut cream chia seeds and cacao 

Cinnamon Raisin and Cream Parfait - 8

Superfood blend of raisins, coconut cream, chia seeds and vanilla bean

Balls Of Goodness - 8

A Complete Protein, sweetened ground tree nuts and maple syrup.

Cacao or Ginger Cinnamon

Ice Cream Sandwich Bites - 8

Complete protein made with tree nuts and coconut agave ice cream

Sweet Potato Brownies - 6

Sweet potatoes, cacao, nibs, sunflower butter

Peluso Organic's Probiotic Teas - 5

No fermentation, no sugar added.  Plant based probiotics, fresh ginger, fresh pressed apples, apple cider vinegar and spices

Tupelo Honey Teas

211 Grant St.

Millvale, PA 15209